Friday, February 6, 2009

Young children and Barack Obama

I was amazed the other day as I was walking my pre-schoolers to and from the bus in the morning and afternoon.

In our hallway (we are in the first grade wing) the first graders had done a writing prompt on Barack Obama, so their work was hanging on the walls. My children were walking by and I would say about half stopped to look at the large poster of Barack Obama that was hanging in the middle of the writing pieces and comment what his name was and that he was the new president. I actually stopped in my tracks and looked at them with my mouth open. I could not believe that a 4 year old not only knew the presidents name but that in fact he was the president . Who said that children are not listening when adults talk. The had to hear it somewhere and where else but in their homes. So we need to be aware that we are teaching our children when we are discussing things as their ears are certainly open. This was not a bad thing it is good that the parents are talking about our government and teaching our children the importance of it.

It was a sad that the inauguration was not broad casted in my school so that the children could be a part of that day in history they will always remember. We could not get a feed on the computers because the computers were blocked from that kind of access to the Internet.

I hope that this generation of children will have a better understanding of government and will take pride in these United States.



It is good and bad that kids are paying such close attention. (wish they paid attention when I said get ready for bed or put your clothes away...)

About Obama, it is amazing and such a cool thing for kids to be aware. Our kids watched it in school, it is a shame your school wasn't able to access it, so monumental!