Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thoughts of Love

As Valentine's Day is approching I was thinking about some of the things I love.
Here are some of them
  • Love to hear the rain on a roof
  • Love hearing my children laughing
  • Love the sound of Rob coming up the basement steps when he comes home from work
  • Love the smell of of fresh flowers
  • Love that I have friends who care
  • Love making people happy
  • Love to see a new baby
  • Love to have a sunny day
  • Love the beach and sand and ocean
  • Love walks on the sand in the moon light
  • Love to hold hands
  • Love having God in my life
  • Love that we live in a free country
  • Love the man and women who make that possible
  • Love looking at pictures
  • Love cuddling with my girls
  • Love playing with the girls hair
  • Love that I have a son who is a person I am very proud of
  • Love that I have neices who like being around me
  • Love watching it snow
  • Love to have school called off
  • Love shopping
  • Love seeing a good movie with Rob
  • Love scrapbooking
  • Love long rides on a Sunday afternoon
  • Love the era of when I grew up
  • Love to see things bloom in the spring
  • Love laughing till tears roll down my face over something only David and I get
  • Love "Chinese food gives me headaches" and yes I did see a snapple bottle
  • Love listening to music
  • Love to dance
  • Love jumping into a pile of leaves with the kids
  • Love to see the kids faces on Christmas morning
  • Love Christmas
  • Love the simple things
  • Love family gatherings
  • Love getting flowers
  • Love sitting by a fireplace
  • Love soft things
  • Love to give and get presents
  • Love to see my children happy
  • Love a good party
  • Love to help others
  • Love a starry night
  • Love oldies music
  • Love old movies

I could go on forever but I just wanted to jot some thoughts down and to let my love ones know that I truely love them with all my heart.