Thursday, February 26, 2009

You've been tagged

I have been tagged!!! If you are seeing this you have been tagged also. Here's what to do. You take the 5th folder in your pictures and then the 5th picture in that folder post it and then tell about it. Here is mine!!

Danny's Birthday!! Danny and David have game night on Friday nights and they love to play cards and craps. So, I do not remember her name, but one of their friends baked a Ace of Hearts cake. David surprised him with friends and family to help him celebrate it.

Danny is in the striped shirt, David is in the green shirt, you see the back of Beth's head and the others are friends of the boys. You can make out the craps table rolled up to the left as we interrupted the game to sing Happy Birthday to Danny. Oh by the way his birthday is August 13th if you want to mark your calendar's for next year.

We always have a great time playing craps (which Beth is still the highest winner and she is on the leader board to prove it) and having fun with them. I wish you many more happy times with you life and birthday Danny.

Love you guys!!!