Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dress Fitting

Well I can't describe the feeling of watching my baby get her dress fitted last night for her wedding. She looked like an angel all surrounded in white. I can not go into detail of what it looked like but she was glowing and had a sparkle in her eye. I will miss her.

The dressmaker Amy found is in Hockessin named Jennifer's off of Old Lancaster Pike. The shop was old-fashion with all kinds of lace and frill's everywhere. You felt like you stepped back in time, when things like a wedding was thought of as a rite of passing and the most important thing a women could do, was to marry the man she loved. Like you read in a romance novel or as for me I heard and saw from my mom.

The way the lighting and the manner of the seamstress made you feel like you were the only one getting married ever!! The attention to detail, how the bride (in this case Amy) was nervous about having her gown cut and how she was going to make it like the way Amy had envisioned was all handle with kindness and you did not feel rushed. I definitely will be taking Beth there to get her gown altered also. So if you need a seamstress I would recommend the shop, her name is Susan.

So now the gown is in the hands of a wonderful seamstress but it is in good hands.

Will post how it turned out in about March when we go for finally fitting.


Amy Rice / Soon to be Kingsley

Aaaa mommy your telling me it is coming so quickly! I just read all your comments that you left me sorry I for got about that comment thing! hehehe Now we can pick out candy and bowls yummy! love you see you in 20 mins!


How Sweet!


Awww - how precious those moments are. I know Amy will be so beautiful in her dress - I love those old romantic days. We need that in the world a little more.


I agree Sally I don't think the children today are wxposed to it and what a difference it would be to have simpler times.


What a tender post. I'm sure she looks gorgeous.


Enjoy every second of your wedding - it goes by all too quickly and then the only thing left is the pictures so make sure you have THOUSANDS of them!!! I loved reading sister Hinckley's quote on your blog - what a great reminder for me! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours! Nan


Thanks Nan!! I am going to try and sit and enjoy the ride!!

Thanks also for stopping by my blog I hope you visit often and leave your thoughts. I vivit your blog too!