Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wedding Stuff again!

Hope everyone is not getting sick of hearing about the wedding but it is my life at the moment and these are my thoughts.

Last weekend we took another trip cake tasting. It turned out that we found a great cake person, Cake's by Meredith from Mangolia Delaware, I think this is how you spell the name of the town. We are very happy with her cakes. It was quite different then the first cake tasting we went to. Meredith differently knew what she was doing. We had 5 different cakes to taste and choose from with 3 different fillings. We were shown pictures or her work, explained her policy, delivery, and her timing on things. Unlike the other place where we had more questions when we left then when we got there.

The next day, Sunday, we had Floyd's graduation from Wilmington College. He graduated with a BS in Accounting with a minor in Finances. We are very proud of him and the hard work it took to achieve that.

This past weekend Stephanie, Nicole and I took care of some bridal shower things in the morning. Sorry again for not going into detail but the bride (Amy) looks here too. Then Pam, Kim, Beth and Nicole meet at Stephanie's for more bridal shower going on's and from what I was told got a lot done and settled. We then went to Floyd's graduation party and had a great time but boy and I tired after a long day.

I can not believe that the wedding is only 3 months away. It will be here before I know it and my first baby will be married. She will have a house of her own and a husband to take care of and love. I know she will be happy and that she will grow as the years go by into a wonderful wife and hopefully some day a mother herself. Then she will get the full impact of how full you life is and the rich blessing you get from being a mother and wife the two greatest callings for a woman I think. This is my dearest wish for her.
I will try and post pictures from the graduation soon, since I got a new camera I have not figured out how to download them onto my computer yet.


Amy Rice / Soon to be Kingsley

Aaaa mommy I loved the new post! Very funny I do look at this blog and I thought I was going to get a little on whats going on with the shower but you are very very smart and knew not to put it on there
:-p ! Very funny! Love you and see you tonight!


I love hearing all the wedding details - such happy times. Your description of the new cakes made me hungry - they certainly sound yummy! Congrats to Floyd! They make such a cute couple!