Monday, January 19, 2009

The Inauguration; My thoughts

Tomorrow Beth will go to school and a new President of the United States will be sworn in. She will watch it on TV in school and may not know what a historical event it will be. Barack Obama will be the first Black President in our history. I find it ironic that is should fall on the day after Martin Luther King Day, a man who stood for civil rights and equality. What would his thoughts be on this day to see the nation he loved united? I am sure that Beth will have some questions about the Inauguration and I hope we can have a great discussion on it and answer her questions:
1) For one, we will have to learn how to spell his name.
2) How will this affect his family life, because he seems to appear as an involved dad?
3) What are the responsibilities of Michelle Obama and her two girls now that their dad is President? Because I am sure it is hard to see your DAD in meetings with important people they may not be allowed to be around plus things like him not being around to tuck them in at night as he may have done in the past.
4) He will be the first President (I think) to have his mother-in-law live at the White House which is another first for the President.

I cannot imagine what is going on in President Elect Obama’s mind. Is he able to do the task before him? Will he be a good President? Will he be able to get this country back on its feet and how? How will he handle the war and bring our troops home?

I cannot imagine the responsibilities this position brings with it. When they are running for President I often wonder if they are told all they will be dealing with before they sign up to run? Do they really know the awesome task of running this country?
It will be a big day tomorrow for this nation and I am glad I will be a part of it. These are just some of my thoughts on such an important day in our history.



Wow Mommy That was a very nice blog! Very cool that you think about that kind of stuff! You havent put anything about this weekend ! Jk I am going tonight need to up date mine a little! Love you and see you in 15mins!