Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Busy Weekend

So much went on this weekend. First the girls and I went out to eat at "Cheeseburger in Paradise" to celebrate Pam's finishing her PRAXIS test and the bridal party getting together. We had a fun night.

Then on Saturday we caravaned down to the Rehoboth Beach Country Club to show the girls and to taste test the food so we can make a decision on what to serve. Boys were in one car and girls were in another. I don't have to tell you that we had a blast going down a lot of talking and laughing. We got to the RBCC and we were taken to a room and sat at a table and served 5 of the dishes to choose from. The food was great and it was a tough decision but we did it. We toured the building and got our questions answered. We are set in that department and I can rest easy for a moment.

We picked the color of the tableclothes, napkins, chair covers, still deciding on the color of sash for the chairs, who walks with who and how they will enter, what food to serve, where the seating will be, where the girls will get ready, what time the guys need to be there, and the girls, when the rehersal will be, plus the time of rehersal,having Mair work with Cheryl at RBCC, gave vendors list to Cheryl, what to do in case of rain, where the girls will stand before they are announced, how the guys will be at the arch, who will stand at the arch with Floyd, and other details. This was the discussion and decisions that were made that day.

Then after we were finished with the details of the wedding, off we went to our first taste testing for cake. It was a women Amy found online who lived in the Bethany Beach area, not far from where we were. We caravaned to the house. Called to see if it was ok since we were an hour early and it was so we went inside. We were seated and given a slice of a three layer cake with a strawberry filling. Amy had asked for strawberry since it is Floyd's favorite. After everyone tasted the cake we kind of was waiting for the next flavor to come to find out that that was all she had for us. So we thanked her and left.

Now I have never been to one before but I thought there would have been more then one kind of cake to test. Who knows??? I hope next weeks tasting will go better. I will keep you posted.

The weekend is not over... After the cake tasting we grabbed something to eat at Grotto"s and headed home. We drop everyone off and headed to Stephanie's house for a pow wow on the Bridal shower. Sorry I can not give more detail as the bride (AKA AMY) also reads my blog and she would be sneaky enough to look. :)