Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!!

This past year has brought many good and not so good things but I do not want to dewell on them. My New Year's Resolutions this year are:

1. to be the best person I can
2. to hug my children as often as possible
3. for Rob and I to love each other more, if that is possible
4. to have God in my life and have him guide me
5. for my friends to know that even if I am not in their lives every day I love them and think of them often.
6. to enjoy God's creations every day
7. enjoy every day
8. not to sweat the small stuff
9. read and expand my mind
10. work to the best of my ability
11. have fun every day
12. think of others
13. help others when I can and to my ability
14. make people smile and feel good about themselves
15. to really listen when I am confided in

To my family and friends I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope and pray that it will be filled with love, happiness, joy and prospity. Know I love and keep every one of you dear to my heart. I pray for you every day and hope the best to you.



You made it to blogland! Yeah! You are keeping up with it way better than I do.
You are quite the writer! I'm telling you, you're the woman with many talents!