Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kids today

As I was driving home from work I was thinking of the children I have in my class and how some of them may not get anything for Christmas because of the situation some of the famiies are in. How they would wake up on Christmas morning and not get anything. I had asked a few of the girls today if they wrote to Santa and told him what they wanted for Christmas and they looked down and said no, but they told me what they would ask him for and I guess hope they see under their tree on that morning.

I wish I was able to bring some kind of gift to them on Christmas morning to brighten up their day. I know Christmas is not all about presents and Santa but to these little ones that is all they know and hope for. Jenny, my co-worker and I always give them a gift and candy so that they can have something.

This is the hard part of this job. Trying not to make it personal and get all tied up in the feelings, but it is hard not to do especially this time of year.

So when we are opening our gifts on Christmas morning try and think of the many children and people who have to do without this year.

May we all be blessed this Christmas.