Monday, December 29, 2008


Now that Christmas is over and the New Year will be upon us my thoughts are turning to Amy and Floyd's wedding. We had seen Momma Mia over the weekend and I just can't help but relate to the part when her daughter asks her to help her dress and get ready for her wedding. Where she thinks about when her daughter was little and how she has grown.

I too think of Amy when she would sit and watch David and Stephanie as they play, how excited she would get when Stephanie would be coming home from school, how even then she had a stubborn streak in her. She was as petite as they come, her hair was almost white, and she had the smallest face I have ever seen. You could hold her face in the palm of one hand and was like that for a long time. Her clothes size never changed for years. She never liked the Santa at the mall's or the Easter Bunny (and still doesn't). Her favorite thing when she was little was her pacifier. We tried so many times to get rid of it and one day we took it and told her that the birdies took it away. Her best friend's in elementary school were Sydney, Katherine, and Kevin. She would always want trucks and farm sets for Christmas, forget the dolls. She would jump into the pool and come right out, she didn't like to swim long. She made friends wasily and even the teachers liked her. One of her teachers told me one time that Amy should get part of her pay as she would not let her forget anything she said in class the day before. Her and Stephanie have a special bond that I guess comes form being my "Irish Twins". Stephanie would help me to understand what Amy would say and she had a language all her own. David would be her protecter and always look out for her. Amy always stood up for herself and would tease that I would send her on dates with Stephanie so that no one would take advantage of her. Amy was and still is a now nonsense person.

When Amy was in 5th grade I remarried and had Beth. Amy seemed like she conected with Beth and has taken on the role as her play mate, friend, and sister. They are very close today.

When she was in Middle school she ran track and was very good at it, broke records and all but it wasn't something she felt challenged at so she found out boys were more fun. She became a cheerleader in her Freshman year of High School and was made captain. We spent more time in the emergency room that year that the x-ray tech's know us by name. Before her Sophomore year we moved to Delaware where she felt lost had it not been her close relationship with Stephanie and her friends Katlin and Lindsey. She meet Floyd that year and as most of you know the rest is history. They will be married in May of this year and starting on her own life's adventure with a new husband and hopefully some day children as Rob and I both can not wait until we can spoil grandchildren.

So as I get things ready to send my baby on to her future I will always hold dear the memories of her growing into the beautiful young women she has become. I wish her all the happiness in the world and I love her dearly.



I was so nice reading about Amy and her life. I know what you mean about the mixed emotions of having them grow up - exciting and sad too! She has such a great personality - all your kids do actually!