Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

The wait is over and the holiday is already behind us, but we had a wonderful Christmas this year. I had my family around me, my health (although a little shaky with a cold),and my heart filled with the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Eve the girls and I took my mom and dad to mass at St. Margaret of Scotland. I have not been in a Catholic Church in years and was surprise how much of the mass I remember. Beth was not sure what was going on but she was a trooper.

We came home and cooked dinner which is the Seven Fishes dinner that I grow up having but we have put our own spin on what fishes are cooked as the other fishes no one would eat any more,and ate around 6:30 which is late for us but well worth it. Mom helped cook and it was great to have her in the kitchen with me again. Beth also helped with things going on in the kitchen this year and I think she had fun. Mainly I think because her Mom Mom was here. She was so excited to have them come down this year. Her and Stephanie were just crawling out of their skin with excitment. David and Danny also came down to spend Chritmas with us. They came down Christmas Eve spent the night, went back home to have Christmas breakfast with Danny's mom and sister then drove back down to have dinner with us and spend the night. We are so blessed to have had veryone with us this year.

We also have a tradition of hiding a Cyrstal Angel so the one picture is of Beth, Amy,and my mother looking for it on Christmas Eve. Floyd found it last year and so he got to hide it this year. I told them to look high as Floyd is tall. Beth found it the next day so she will be the one to hide it next year.

We eat dinner, have a pollyanna, then sit around and talk, send everyone to bed and then Rob and I bring up the presents and put them under the tree. The kids still like to be surprised on Christmas morning. We had 10 of us on Christmas morning and it was so great to have everyone here at once to wake up together and celebrate Christmas.

It was a wonderful Christmas!