Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Contracted Employee Finally!!!!!

Well I am finally an employee of the Christina School District!!!!! It has only taken me 6 and a half years to get to this point but I am there now and that is all that counts.

I got the call on my birthday to see if I would like to accept the position that I am already working in and that I have worked in for the past 4 years. Nothing changes with my duties but a lot will change with this new temporary contract. Don't let the words "temporary contract" scare you, it is just because they offered a contract to me after the start of school.

What will change for me:
1) I GET PAID IN THE SUMMER!!!! Yes I now can have my pay for 26 pays which will enable me to get paid though the summer.

2) I get benefits at little or no cost to me. The state will pay for me to get health, vision, and dental free. I get a stipend allotted to me which covers this. I might be able to cover the family but will be looking into more.

3) I get personal and sick days!!!!! Before if I did not work I did not get paid. This will be nice.

4) I get paid holidays!!!

5) I get a pension!!! I know how much can be put into it since I am 55 years old but something is better then nothing.

6) I get a pay raise!!! Have to find out how much but then again anything is better then what I am getting now.

7) I am thankful to have a job. At this time of year and the way the world is today I am so thankful to have employment and be able to contribute to m,y family and the comforts we are able to have. I also am thankful to be able to help the children I work with. They learn so much and get such a jump on their education. They also teach me a lot so it goes both ways.

The winter is coming and hopefully we don't get a bad one again this year but what ever happens I will be warm in the knowledge that I have a job.