Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break so far!!!

Spring break started on Thursday night with Stephanie and Amy coming over to make Tada!!! Not sure of the spelling of this word but that is what we call out Easter Bread. Each of us made our own bowls full of dough to let raise over night. Well the next morning when I got up Amy's bread rose beautifully, Stephanie's was falling over the side and then only moved a hair...oh well I will bake it any way..not a good idea, it did not raise in the oven either so they are not fluffy.

I baked Amy's for her as she had to work and Stephanie came over on Friday morning to cook hers which I must say came out great.. After we got all the Tada cooked I ran some errands then we headed to the mall and meet Amy there. Mat took off so he and Stephanie went their own way. Beth, Amy and I had lunch and then went and shopped our little hearts out..

Saturday we were busy around the house, I made the potato salad, went and got Beth some shoes to wear later in the day, cleaned the house, showered and then we went to PA. to Bill's house to have our family Easter together..Mom and Dad were not able to come due to the fact that Dad was not feeling good. Stephanie and Mat got to PA. a little early so they stopped by to see mom and dad.

We had a very good dinner and as always a good time with family. We left around 7:15 pm and headed to the bowling alley down in Middletown. Stephanie and Mat couldn't make it because they still had to visit his mother. We went with Dave, Danny, Floyd , Amy , Beth , Rob and I. We got 2 lanes and split up into teams. Rob went up to throw a practice ball and fell hurting his wrists so he sat out. David loved the seats they had and him and I were pretending to be on a ride at Disney world the whole night which was super funny to us but very mildly funny to everyone else. We had a great day and night.

Sunday was Easter and as we were celebrating the Risen Christ. David and Danny stayed over and helped Beth and also them hunt for their Easter baskets. Then they hide Amy and Floyd's and Mat and Stephanie's basket for them to find later when they came.

We had a veal and scrambled egg breakfast with Tada and OJ, which is a tradition in our family. I remember having it at my grandmothers and we have had it every Easter since then. It was Danny and Mat's first time eating that so it was fun to see them try it and like it. I also cut up my Tada and a piece of Amy's to see if anyone could tell the difference between the two. Needless to say mine were the last to be eaten. We then cleaned up Stephanie and Mat left to go shower and come back for dinner,and we all went to see Amy and Floyd's house and how far they have gotten with building it. They had the second story framing all done so we were able to walk around upstairs. They are going to have a big back yard and lots of room to move around. I had put the ham in the oven before we went to see the house, so I went home and finished up getting things ready for dinner while the kids went to see Mat and Steph's apartment.

We had dinner early so that the kids can all go to what other houses they needed to go to, David and Danny and Amy and Floyd stayed for awhile to play games...still don't get how you got banana split??????

Monday got up early and did some wash and straighten up from dinner on Sunday. Did some errands while Beth was over Mandee's. Grab a bite to eat and came home to find the girls coming down the street. Had Mandee for dinner and they got to try my new recipe of Chimichangas which turned out really good.

Tuesday nothing but cleaning up the house, doing wash so I will be free from it for a few days.

Wednesday we are going to Washington D.C. to see if the cherry blossoms are out and walk around.

Who knows what the rest of the week will bring, but I hope to enjoy every minute of it!!!!



It sounds like a perfect weekend. I'm so glad you have your family nearby.

Enjoy DC, I'm jealous. We went last year and it was just gorgeous.

The Johnson's Jungle

What a great week! I wish we lived closer so we can enjoy some holidays together.

I too, am jealous of the DC/cherry blossom trip. I just love the beauty of trees/nature.

The Johnson's Jungle

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-love Natalie


Mommy Mommy! I love you dear! We had a great time at easter and the rest of you break! Shopping is always fun! Now I have to go and get dress so I can come over for dinner tonight! love you!