Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Food Lion Experience

Today I went and checked out the new Food Lion in Bear Delaware. It is on my way home from work and they had some things I wanted to try out. It was not crowed at all. I walked in and had the whole store to myself. It was strange to see how they have laid the store out because the front of the store, down the right side, is really different then any of the other supermarkets I have been to.

I got my list out and my coupon binder (thanks to Kara and Maren for showing me how to set mine up and how to make the most of my coupons) and off I went. I found things to be neat and clean, the sale items were easy to find. Their cereal section was not as extensive as other stores but I did find the cereal we like to eat.

The store was very neat and clean and bright. The people shopping as well as who worked there were very friendly. I picked out my list and then I went to check out.

I found out they do not double coupons!!!! I was so disappointed with that, because I thought I found a new store to shop at, it was convenient because it was on the way home from work but
I guess I will have to stay with the stores I shop now. Oh well such is life.



Hey Barb, Jane swims at that Boys and Girls club so sometimes I've run into Food Lion. Lily ADORES that they have carts her size. It makes shopping tricky, but it is always tricky with her and Henry. :) I was a bit confused with the lay out and found that most things that weren't on sale seemed pricey... But I'm cheap. :)